Started in a modest atelier producing telephone solutions for workplaces in 1980’s, our journey continues to keep its expansion today in various sectors, mainly in "telecommunication, energy, real estate development and organic agriculture".

Over the course of time, while rapidly adapting to the pace of change in the world and technologies, we always kept our two most valuable assets at peak; “Our enthusiasm for work and passion to make people happy”.

While providing our products and services at the highest world standards, from our customers to our employees, we have always chosen to be a reliable, devoted and respectful member of the family in all our human relations.

We believe that, in order to capture time for the people of today, we have to stay in constant communication with the world, therefore we put our telecommunication products and services with the latest and most reliable technologies at the center of our operations with our Teleses, Laxon and BilgiAl companies. Thus, we have reached more than 15,000,000 happy customers through more than 3,000 dealers and 1,500 employees in the telecommunication sector.

While providing a wide range of communication solutions to tens of millions of individuals and companies, we brought into action Uzelli Energy, aware of our responsibility to produce the electrical energy we need with renewable resources without harming nature and the environment. Currently we add up to 7,500 kW of electrical energy to the world economy every hour through our solar energy plants.

By time, we saw that we need to take part in even more diverse sectors to produce permanent and constant added value for life, people and the environment.

Today, where new and modern buildings are having to be placed at the exterior axes of cities as a result of the old and crowded settlement in city centers, we started to produce highly-equipped, new commercial and residential spaces in the substantial metropolis centers with our property development and construction company, Santra Insaat.

Until now, we have passionately developed more than 1,500,000 m2 of quality buildings in real estate sector also carrying our vision and solutions to Europe with Santra Frankfurt GmbH.

With our recent investment “Tazzem Gıda”, we are bringing fresh organic products from nature to your tables. We are delivering health to your homes with the natural agriculture and livestock products of Tazzem Farm established on our 260.000 m2 land in Ankara-Polatlı and olive/olive oils grown on 710 decares of land in Izmir, Karaburun.

From past to the future, from Turkey to the world, since 34 years, “we are sincerely with you” for your hapiness…

Teleses Magazacilik A.S.
Santra İnşaat
Uzelli Energy
Santra Gmbh
Laxon A.Ş.