Recep Uzelli


Even in the early years when I started out with TELESES, at the center point of UZELLI Group of Companies, the communication solutions I have aimed has meant me a lot more than mere telecommunication technologies. In my opinion, if the capabilities offered by technologies could not include the warmth of human relations, they could never be anything more than using industrial devices.

We could only reach genuine and vital solutions, as much as we were able to include the ties we have built with our families, collegues, employees, in short with all the different textures we are in contact with, into our products and services.

Over the past years, we endeavored to participate in various sectors that would enable us to make use of our values for the benefit of people. In all of the brands we have built, our main mission has been “to take part in people's lives with beautiful touches”.

  • We have kept tens of millions of individuals, families and companies in constant communication through TELESES and LAXON.
  • With the BILGIAL Call Centers, we made information services available 24/7 to everyone.
  • With SANTRA, we built working and living spaces on peace, trust and happiness.
  • With UZELLI ENERJI, we brought together energy sources harmless to people, nature and environment with production.
  • With TAZZEM, we are bringing 100% organic products, direct from their branches to your dinner tables, with all their freshness.

All of the customers, suppliers, solution partners and colleagues who have been with us until today and never left our side; We are so glad to be with you and grateful to be walking on this path together. We still have plenty of work to do together and a long way to go.

Recep Uzelli