The expansion story of UZELLI Group of Companies that began with Teleses.


Teleses was established

Teleses was founded by Recep Uzelli to sell telephone switchboards and provide technical services. His goal was to become Ankara's largest mobile phone retailer in a short time through his progressive growth plans.


Our first mobile telephone store

Focusing only on the corporate market until 1990, Teleses became acquainted with retail for the first time when pagers and NMT car phones started being sold to end-users. Teleses, which initially started with a door-to-door service approach, opened one of Turkey's first mobile telephone stores in Ankara during this period.

1990 Mini!

TURKCELL dealership

With Turkcell’s obtainment of the first GSM license in Turkey, becoming a mobile phone operator,Teleses entered the mobile phone market as a Turkcell dealer

Tunali Esski

Our service scope expanded

Teleses started to distribute mobile phones. Then it took on a new position as Turkcell's activation center. The scope of service was expanded to include establishing new mobile phone subscriptions (prepaid card and postpaid) and performing customer management operations such as activation, value-added services or bill collection.

Abone Merkezi

Teleses started out in foreign trade.


Our first innovative product

Teleses brought the Fixed GSM Terminal to Turkey for the first time. As the distributor for the German Company Vierling Elektronik, which produces state-of-the-art fixed GSM terminals under the ECOTEL brand, Teleses launched its first innovative product.

Turkcell compiled its corporate sales operation under a program called CORBUSS and became a binding institution. With this development, Teleses took part in the supply of ECOTEL FCTs as well as in active sales operations in the sales organization.

Teleses was awarded as the dealer to enlist the highest number of subscribers for Turkcell.

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Uzelli Yapi was established.

Uzelli Yapi has been established with a target to produce comfortable living spaces where metropolitan people could enjoy quality time as well as integrating retail and work spaces with this structure.


NETCELL was established

By the 2000s, Teleses had achieved a 6-7% market share in mobile phone sales. Teleses and 5 leading wholesale companies similar to Teleses established a new joint company under the name NETCELL to bring together their purchasing and sales forces. As expected, NETCELL reached to a market share of 40% in its first year.

Netcell 3

Digiturk – Panasonic

Teleses signed an agreement with Panasonic-Technics company and started serving as an authorized service provider in Ankara for all Panasonic branded products.
In addition, the company started to operate as the service and connection agent of Digiturk, which had just recently entered the market.


NETCELL is advancing with confident steps

NETCELL was ranked 6th among 500 Global IT companies in a market research held by Interpro.

Netcell 1


By expanding its business agreement with Digiturk, the company operated as the sole authorized service, connection and sales location in Ankara. During this period of services, Teleses achieved many awards as a pioneering group in facilitating the introduction of this platform to many people living in Ankara.

2003 1

We entered the DECT market with Laxon

The Laxon brand was born. Teleses, which launched its first Laxon phone in January 2004, achieved third place in just 5 months with its 19% share in the DECT market.

Laxon (1)

Laxon is the market leader

Just 16 months after its establishment, Laxon became the leader of the DECT market with a 27% market share according to the GfK report.

Laxon Pazar Lideri

NETCELL ranked 7th among top 500 Informatics Companies with 639 million USD of sales.

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First in Turkey at Turkcell

As Turkcell's solution partner, Teleses was awarded the 1st place among all dealers in Turkey that made a Net Contribution in 2007. After this year the company won a variety of awards under its partnership with Turkcell and hardly ever missed a first place win.

2007 Turkcell

Turkcell Distribution Center

In its project to realize the delivery of complete Turkcell products and services to sub-dealers, Teleses adressed to largest surface area in Turkey and started distribution in Ankara, Kırıkkale, Corum, Sivas, Tokat and Amasya provinces. The company won many awards and achieved many accomplishments by making sure Turkcell services reached vendors in the best possible way in this field.

Tdm Ou

Teleses Corporate

Special services started being provided to government institutions and organizations and leading companies in Ankara through the expert personnel we have engaged in our structure. Special campaigns and projects have been created for these institutions to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Top 10 IT Companies

In 2010, we ranked 5th among leading companies in the turnover rankings for the top 10 IT companies in Ankara based on their sales revenue.


We became iLuv brand’s exclusive distributors in Turkey.

We have been appointed as the sole distributor of the New York based iLuv products in Turkey, one of the world’s most innovative leading brands, holding design awards and bringing the most comprehensive accessory series for the mobile lifestyle.


Teleses Magazacilik has now reached 35 Stores

Day by day increasing the number of branches, our company reached to a number of 35 stores.
In addition to our stores in Ankara city center, we delivered Teleses quality to people by opening new stores in regions like Kırıkkale, Sivas, Polatlı and Gölbaşı.

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BilgiAl was established

BilgiAl has been established in Kırıkkale to provide call center services to corporate clients, such as Turkcell, Halkbank and Superonline.

Bilgial Açılış

We stepped into energy sector

Uzelli Energy has been established in 2015 to make investments in developing projects in energy sector targeting to make use of the country’s renewable energy potential while conserving the enviroment.

DJI 0010

We gave start to Santra Project

Start has been given to the investments of Santra, a mixed-use construction development project consisting of residences, served apartments, office spaces and shopping mall.


Solar power plants designed and realized by UZELLI Energy in Kırıkkale's Keskin and Ankara's Gölbaşı regions was inaugurated.

Screen Shot 2021 10 05 At 17.48.47

The first phase of Santra project has been completed.

Yakın 1 (7)

Santra GmbH Frankfurt was established.

Santra GmbH, Santra Construction’s investment and construction company in Germany pursues its activities with real estate investments, property developments as well as building constructions and selling real estate.

Santra Gmbh 3