Teleses Team

Our Human Resources Policy

We ensure that each of our employees, who work under the umbrella of UZELLI Group of Companies, receive the most equitable compensation for the value they add to us.

Every member of our team knows that they are an important part that makes up the whole and gets inspiration from the success of the whole, to achieve individual career success.

We support all our employees to improve themselves and bring their work up to world standards.

We provide our employees, not only with equal opportunity, but equality and human rights of all kinds.

Working at the UZELLI Group of Companies

Working within our group is knowing that you can constantly improve yourself.

It is gaining new values that will contribute to you both professionally and socially, with the training you will receive.

It is overcoming the difficulties you will encounter as you rise in your career, under the guidance of your previous colleagues.

It is witnessing that having fun in the work environment and sharing outside of work increases your success.

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